Puerto Rico is in an Abusive Connection with the usa

We spent dos step 1/couple of years located in Puerto Rico, but it doesn’t grab more than a couple of vacation so you can brand new island (venturing beyond your higher lodge) to find one some thing was completely wrong with Puerto Rico’s Г§iftГ§iler com tanД±Еџma web sitesi relationship with the united states. Managing my personal boyfriend, Pedro, mode hearing loads of rants and you will conspiracy theories, but immediately after spending time for the Puerto Rico and you may dramatically of your energy with his high family members, We have started to realize that their rants and you can ideas pertaining to Puerto Rico often have a pretty solid basis. I’ve arrived at a conclusion regarding my personal, the one that I’m positive usually frustration a lot of people and you may incite specific heated debates, but nonetheless that I want to show.

Puerto Rico is in a keen abusive relationship with the usa

In order to do this theory and you may blog post justice, I’ve enlisted the assistance of Pedro, so you take advantage of the views off good Missouri indigenous (me) and you can a good Puerto Rico native (Pedro).

We have appeared upwards the signs of being in an enthusiastic abusive relationship, and is appalling, but somehow maybe not staggering, you to definitely Puerto Rico’s experience of the usa shows several of the symptoms.

step 1. Constraints your access to currency, the phone, or even the vehicles

In the early twentieth century Advertising had whenever five hundred kilometres off rail you to covered extremely seaside towns. My personal grandparents think of travelling between your major locations of your own area on the illustrate, they also lament that the program not any longer can be acquired. In the late 1940s that have Procedure Bootstrap (an economic step aimed at “progressing” new island regarding an agricultural cost savings to a generation cost savings) emphasis was put-on the construction out-of freeways and you may roads. Unable to contend with the fresh new increasing number of vehicles, buses, and you can vehicles, passenger provider are discontinued and also by 1953 brand new train program are dismantled. Instruct music can nevertheless be saw within island, as the number of trucks (being heavily taxed from the All of us) on isle is actually incredible.

Puerto Rico is lightweight. Undoubtedly, it’s merely step 3,515 square kilometers, that is roughly the size of Connecticut. If a subway program is reasonable anywhere, it’s from inside the Puerto Rico. Think looking to drive while in the rush hour since there is and additionally a parade going on – that is what customers feels as though from inside the Puerto Rico. All of the. the latest. time. I am scared to push into the Puerto Rico. Not only is it a stable battle zone, nevertheless the travelers patterns was mostly unstable. A subway/coach system do develop too many of those troubles. The degree of trucks to the area is so irrational you to it is exasperating. It generally does not just contaminate the tiny island’s sky, additionally poisons the latest sanity regarding somebody making an application for anywhere at any time in general freaking area. The us has actually taken Puerto Rico’s capability to travel while they would like to, the therefore, the United states are selling her or him a whole lot more vehicles and you will fees him or her insanely large import taxation on every single you to.

2. Harm you, otherwise jeopardize so you can damage or destroy you

When you look at the 1956 scientific samples began on birth control tablet in Rio Piedras (only exterior San Juan). Scientists picked worst Puerto Rican ladies since take to subjects. Nothing of women who participated in the brand new studies have been made conscious they certainly were test victims. Just as much as twenty per cent of females on these samples experienced side consequences also concerns, disease, elevated blood pressure, and you can blood clots. None of your own complaints connected with the side effects were investigated, neither had been the new deaths away from a couple women that participated in logical trials. It is well worth noting you to at the time “this new tablet” is between four to twenty minutes due to the fact strong because the tablets put now.


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